Tales from a myGPcloud 14 day journey- Introduction and Provisioning

I thought it would be both educational and entertaining to personally follow the 14 day/step program myGPcloud offers to both provision and setup Dynamics GP. I’m pretty excited about this offering. As a long time user of Dynamics GP I was a little skeptical about this whole “be ready to use GP in 5 minutes” pitch. After doing it myself I am very impressed and am a believer. “TAKE ME TO THE CLOUD”. I love it.

I’ll make a bold prediction and state myGPcloud is the future of Dynamics GP.

Day 1 of 14

Let’s get this journey started

I started at the home page www.myGPcloud.com.

image After browsing around the website I decided to try the BE offering. I’m cheap and don’t really need the manufacturing or project modules so opt for the $165 per user Business Essentials (BE plus) offering. I like all the modules offered. I really like Integration Manager being available to import master records, history, etc.


Next I come to a company information window. The business organization is used as the company name for the Dynamics company. You can change it afterward if you like.

image Opps, forgot to click accept to the end user license agreement. I read the whole thing for some reason and see you have to be 18 years old and can’t use Dynamics GP to keep track of any criminal or illegal activities. I’m on the boarder for both requirements. ha.

After clicking next I see the user setup window. The first user is set as a power user which means they have full access to all windows and functions in Dynamics GP. I like being the power user. I wouldn’t give all users power user access. I won’t tell you how but you can delete all data in around 5 clicks. Scary. I set up my own user and my wife’s “operations manager” account.

image I’m pretty sure this next window is for marketing purposes but it also helps set homepage defaults. If you are using a Mac I think you are charged $25 additional dollars per month as a punishment for your loyalty to Apple. Just kidding, kind of.

image Lastly the summary window. Everything looks good.

image Here’s where I ran into a snafu. The validation email ended up in my spam folder. If you don’t get an email within like 2 mins check your junk and spam folders. The email comes from myGPcloud support or support@mygpcloud.com. If you can’t find the email call 858-794-9401 or after hours at 888-987-1234.

image Nothing happens on the back end until you validate your email. So don’t be sneaky and give a faulty email. You can lie about your age, birth weight etc. but give a valid email and preferably a non hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc. email. I have been told there are more validation requirements for those email types. Click on the validate button in the email you get. 

OK, I have to confess something here. I got an error when I hit validate. I created the company Doug’s Doughnuts but it seems that the single quote (‘) in “Doug’s” threw off the code. I went back and took that out and it worked fine. So don’t put single quotes in your company name. You can always go back and add it after.

After I fixed the above I got two emails from myGPcloud. It was immediate so once again, if you don’t get automatic emails check your junk folders. The first email has the 10 step process that I’m following. Then next has the login credentials for both of my users. Pretty sweet.

You can choose the “Click Here to login” link in the email and it takes you to the login window. My user ID and password work and I get this window.


I clicked on the Microsoft Dynamics GP icon and after entering my password I can choose my company.


I’m in to my company. And have verified the users are in there as well.

So I have an active, ready to use Dynamics GP system in roughly 10 minutes. If I did it again I could probably cut it to 5 minutes.

On to company setup.

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