Tales From a myGPcloud 14 Day Journey – Step 8

Picture Reporting and BI is really what makes a system valuable. Collecting the data is fine but if it’s not accessible or available in the format required the data is mostly useless. Dynamics GP is pretty good with reporting and is getting even better with each version release. In GP 2010 you can even use word templates for invoices etc.

Other sources of reporting besides the standard reports in Report Writer is SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Crystal Reports (check out Victoria Yudin, the queen of Crystal). If you chose the myGPcloud version that has Smartlist Builder you can also do innumerable queries right to the SQL tables.

If you are not familiar with any of these reporting tools I’d suggest staying with the default reports until a need arises.

**Note – Default reports can be modified using the Report Writer tool to add many fields that are desired but not on the report out of the box. Send any report to the screen then press the modify button and it will go to the Report Writer tool. (Much cussing and swearing has come from this tool. Use it with caution and do a backup before messing with any report in question). MyGPcloud has a nightly backup run on the modified reports file so contact the support line if a restore is needed.


Step 8 – Accessing the over 200+ standard reports

I’ve looked over the documentation on reporting. I didn’t really believe there was over 200+ standard reports but after looking further I suppose this is correct. Each module has quite a few options and each option has several variables.

Running reports is pretty straight forward and the documentation leads through generating reports.

I never like printing reports to the printer first. I usually go to the screen but this can be annoying to click on destination each time and change it from printer to screen. I often do something like this post says.

I never print posting journals either. I turn them off in the posting setup window (Microsoft Dynamics GP>>tools>>setup>>posting>>posting>>uncheck the reports in the process you are doing.)


Some of the most useful reports are listed below:


  • Trial Balance – GL trial balance in summary and detail
  • Cross-Reference – Where to reprint posting journals
  • Checkbook – Checkbook register found here
  • Bank posting journals – Any bank related reprints



  • Trial Balance – AR trial balance. Choose the one with options. I hardly ever use the one without options. Historical report can calculate back to a specific date. Should tie to GL Trial Balance AR amount.
  • History –  Sales transaction history etc. I often use Smartlist over this option
  • Analysis – Sales doc analysis etc. Same as history
  • Posting Journals – Reprint any sales related posting


  • Trial Balance – AP Trial Balance both Historical and open. Should tie to GL Trial Balance AP amount.
  • History – Any purchasing or AP history. I often use Smartlist over this option
  • Analysis – Cash requirements (what AP transactions are due for payment), Received / Not Invoiced report (should tie to Accrued Purchases account at GL),
  • Posting Journals – Reprint AP posting journals



  • Item – Any item setup information
  • Serial/Lots – Anything related to serial and lots (thus the name)
  • Activity – Stock Status Report and Historical Stock Status report, Historical IV Trial Balance (New to 2010 so don’t really know how well it works)
  • Analysis – Turnover report
  • History – Transaction and Distribution history
  • Posting Journal – Reprint any transactions related to Inventory

imageDon’t go cross eyed or get overwhelmed. I suggest going through each module looking for reports you need. If a report is similar to the requirements consider using it as a base then modifying in Report Writer. Before using Report Writer make a backup of the report by going to Microsoft Dynamics GP>>Tools>>Customize>>Customization Maintenance. Select the report then choose export. You’ll be glad you did.


If you try to use Report Writer and get errors…call me and I’ll cuss with you. Then we can figure it out together.

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