Tales From a myGPcloud 14 Day Journey – Step 7

Picture A couple of thoughts mid way through this journey. I’m making this whole get up and going in 5 minutes sound like that’s all there is to using GP. That’s not entirely true. With some experience with Dynamics GP this may be all you need. If this is the first time using GP, help with the system may be necessary. In all honesty I learned GP on the fly. Here’s my Dynamics GP story. Probably similar to a lot of folks. Along with this story I add several ways you can be fully trained on Dynamics GP.

Step 7 – Learning the power of Smart Lists

This should be a good one. As I’m introducing Smartlist to clients I usually get a whole bunch of oooo’s and ahhh’s, at least from accountants. If I show Smartlist to my accounting students they usually say “so, shouldn’t it do that anyways”. (Punk kids…they take all technology for granted).

So the documentation tells how to change, modify, add search criteria etc. but it doesn’t really go through the best part of Smartlist. After you have developed your Smartlist you can click the Excel button and it does a little dance and sends all the data over to excel.

imageThat is super cool if you’ve lived in the dinosaur age like me before the internet, computers, calculators, the wheel, etc.

Another thing to add to Smartlist, its a  little touchy when exporting. Don’t do anything on your computer while it’s sending the data to Excel. I’ve seen it skip a few rows from time to time if it’s not left alone to do it’s own thing.

I’d also recommend changing the default search criteria on a favorite to more than 1000 rows. It’s fine when figuring out the right reports but the data will often be more than 1000 rows in total.

imageAnother insight into finding your data. Most modules have a Smartlist for transactions and one for rows on the transactions. See below with sales transactions and sales line items. If you only want the transaction information and the row information is not needed use the transaction object.

image  Smartlists can also be added to the shortcut menu as shown below.


Well, I guess that’s about it for Smartlists. I was thinking I’d have more to say on them. This tool is really one of the best features of Dynamics GP. I’m always amazed when I talk to long time GP users and find out they don’t really use or know how to use Smartlist.

On to Smartlist Builder

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