Tales From a myGPcloud 14 Day Journey – Step 2

PictureI should have pointed to this blog we host before now so you can bookmark for future use. In one of the blogs I talk about the new language you are learning and will use for many years to come. Dynamics users have their own dialect and I mention a good core of learning here.

Step 2 of 10 looks to be related around being efficient in Dynamics GP. If you are an old school Dynamics user you are still using palettes and navigating by saying “go to Cards>>financial>>checkbook”. Still easy to tell people where to go by doing that but Microsoft has spent billions of our tax payer dollars trying to figure out how to make navigation easier in GP. (just kidding about tax payer dollars, the amount of money is probably right).

Lets see if I can change my inefficient, archaic ways by using this setup step.

Step 2 – Making it easy, quick, and personal


The documentation gives a good overview of how to get around the system. I’m sold on the area pages as a way to navigate. Being a naturally efficient person (A.K.A. lazy) I like having all the palettes available on my page.

Side note- The other day I was showing an “old school” person how to use the area page but they fought vigorously to continue using the palettes. She hadn’t used Dynamics GP in over 2 years before the area page break through. It was quite entertaining for me to yell “AUGG” as the clicking began. Trying to retrain the ingrained “Transactions>>payables>>transaction entry” clicking is sometimes a lost cause.


I love shortcuts. I have my whole keyboard coded to the windows I want to open. I’m not really that geeky, just really lazy. Trust me, you can really impress your co-workers by clicking F2 and having your desired window pop up.



You can also limit the area pages on by going clicking on >> (blue circled button)>>navigation pane options.


Here’s another way to speed up entry. Right click on the menu bar at the top. Then you can add any palette you want want to the top menu bar.


One last bit of advice to do as little work as possible. Set your user preferences for Dynamics GP at Microsoft Dynamics GP>>User Preferences.

imageSend all reports to screen. Change your desired default for SOP processing. I like setting my display options to have required fields bold and blue or something like that.


Efficiency is a good thing. So if you want to limit your clicks, time and frustration I’d set this up before processing transactions.

Man, I’m on a roll. I bet I could get done all 10 steps in one day. You’ll still get the myGPcloud emails every day for 14 days to make sure you are on track. But we should be well done the steps before then.

On to Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable setup.

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